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Soft Tissue Fillers are an injectable treatment used to help restore facial volume loss, minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles, folds and enhance beauty features by providing additional structure and contouring of the face. 

Our fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule within our skin, and degrades gradually over time. Treatment is generally painless, with the option to use prescription grade numbing cream for more sensitive areas, such as the lips.


We only use CE certified fillers with all assessments and treatments delivered by a nurse practitioner trained in facial anatomy to deliver high quality results that are long-lasting yet natural.

Violet Girl


From £170

A focus on creating natural lip shape and volume enhancement using 1ml of filler, which is selected based on your goals. May require more than 1 session to achieve desired results when building up volume.

Lasts 6-9 months



From £170

The 'nose-to-mouth' lines/folds can be filled with a soft filler to improve this common sign of ageing.

Best results achieved after correcting mid-face volume loss first.

Lasts 4-9 months

Close-up Profile of Young Woman_edited_e


From £170

This pre-auricular area of the cheek lies just below the cheek bones towards the ear and is a great area to revolumise to provide lift to lower face structures to disguise jowls and reduce marionette lines.

Lasts 6-12 months

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From £290

More than one area of concern? Want a more holistic approach to your treatment? Save money when booking through our pre-designed filler packages or contact us for an individual treatment plan.

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From £170

1ml for subtle enhancement and helps to lift lower structures of the face. 

More than 1ml for contoured definition or where there is more volume loss from ageing.

Lasts 12-18 months

Happy Woman_edited.jpg


From £170

These form at the corners of the mouth and create lines down towards the chin, making the person appear 'sad' or upset.

Can be filled with a soft filler and provide support to lower lip to turn the corners of the mouth upwards again. 

Lasts 4-9 months

Content Woman_edited.jpg


From £170

Hollow temples are a common sign of ageing but is often overlooked as a filler treatment. May be required in rejuvenating filler treatments to help balance overall facial features.

Lasts 12-18 months



From £200

The filler range backed by science! Less filler is needed to treat the same areas with less risk of complications and added benefits of stimulating collagen production when using the Stimulate range.

Lasts minimum 12 months

Natural Beauty_edited.jpg


From £170

An under-rated treatment that helps to create new contoured lines, disguise jowls and achieves profile balancing with as little as 1ml. Usually required when doing jawline filler.  

Lasts 12-18 months

Natural Beauty_edited.jpg


From £310

A minimum of 2mls of filler is required to add structure to the jawline which becomes smaller with ageing.

May require up to 4mls of filler dependent on desired outcome and chin filler may be required for best results.

Lasts 12-18 months

Beauty Portrait


From £200

Deep grooves coming from the inner corners of the eyes extending down towards the cheeks can give the appearance of tired eyes and age us. Soft fillers placed well can help refresh this area of the face.

Lasts 8-12 months



From £650

A combined approach to facial rejuvenation using a deep filler for cheeks or chin projection, Neauvia Stimulate to lift and stimulate collagen production and Neauvia Hydro Deluxe skin booster to revive the skin.

Lasts minimum 12 months



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