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There are a wide range of lip filler products used for lip augmentation ranging from temporary (such as Hyaluronic Acid based fillers) to more permanent (for example, fat transfers and silicone implants).


Most aesthetic practices use temporary Hyaluronic Acid based fillers as these are generally favoured over permanent fillers, which can have less predictable results because of active compounds and are harder to reverse. 


Lip filler is used to augment the shape and volume of lips by injecting a product into the border and/or body of the lips.

The reasons for having lip filler are individual to everyone but can range from having naturally thin lips (that are not in correct proportions for the face), through to natural ageing effects that cause lip volume and structure to be lost over time.

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Results are dependent on a few factors including the type of filler being used and an individual's metabolism. 

There are dozens of brands of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers on the market and each of these brands have different categories of filler that will last different lengths of time. 


Generally HA based fillers in the lips can last between 4-9 months with many individuals opting for top-ups around 6 months.


Prices for lip filler vary according to the experience of the practitioner, the filler product used, the amount of filler being used and sometimes according to the technique being used (e.g. 'Russian' Lips). Because of this some practitioners charge as little as £70 whereas others will charge up to £300. 

Cheaper does not mean better quality! Remember you are paying for the skill of the practitioner amongst many other things, be sure to do your research into the practitioner performing your treatment.

British Pound Notes
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Any injectable aesthetic treatment should be carried out by a trained aesthetics practitioner - currently in the UK this does not require someone to be from a medical background, such as a nurse or doctor.


BE SURE TO CHECK the training qualifications and background of your practitioner beforehand as they may not be equipped to handle complications or emergencies should they arise.  

Lip filler treatment should only proceed following a face-to-face consultation by the practitioner performing the treatment, including a fully informed consent process.


Lip filler treatment involves multiple injections using a thin needle to deposit small amounts of filler into the body and/or border of the lips.


Alternatively, a cannula (long but blunt needle) can be used to deposit filler and requires fewer injection points but use of this technique is based on individual treatment goals and may not be suitable for everyone.


There are multiple injection techniques that can be used for lip filler treatments (fanning, linear threads, micro bolus) and the one(s) selected for you should be based on your desired outcome.

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You should always receive a thorough consultation from the practitioner performing your treatment prior to lip filler being agreed to and consented for. Consent should include being made aware of the side effects, risks and potential complications of undergoing lip filler treatment.

Numbing cream is applied for at least 15 minutes prior to any injections due to the sensitivity of the lips. This may not be possible if you have an allergy to lidocaine.

Most HA fillers contain lidocaine (an anaesthetic agent), which helps to numb the area soon after being injected.


Swelling is to be expected! You need to allow at least 2 weeks for your lips to heal and any swelling to resolve and you should be offered a follow up appointment to review your lips when healed. 

Bruising is also common due to the lips being a highly vascular area (good blood supply) and some people can bruise more than others. Allow 2 weeks for this to resolve.

Lumps and bumps can occur in the initial 2 week healing process but consult with your practitioner if you feel concerned about anything.

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