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Treatment Plans

We believe that everyone should be treated as individuals and have a treatment plan that reflects their individual goals. Our treatment plan approach ensures that we, as the medical specialists, use our knowledge to develop an individualized plan that will produce long-lasting & natural results, removing the worry that you will be charged for something that doesn't suit your needs. 


Step 1 - Consultation

So you've decided you may want a treatment - perhaps it's something you've been thinking about for a while or you've heard about a treatment but not sure if it's for you? Maybe you have an area of concern but don't know what options are available for you? You may have had a consultation elsewhere or had past treatments but still aren't sure about proceeding?

If this sounds familiar we highly recommend you get in touch with our registered nurse aesthetics practitioner, Penny, who will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss all of these ideas and thoughts with you. Penny is a very friendly and approachable medical professional who is committed to providing a fully holistic assessment to ensure you achieve optimal results from treatment.

You will be allocated a 45 minute slot to allow enough time to fully understand your needs, aims of treatment and expectations as well as having an open discussion of any concerns and reservations you may have. Consultations include a top-to-toe visual physiological assessment paying attention to details already discussed before options for treatment are considered.

Step 2 - Creating a bespoke treatment plan

Step 2 - Creating Your Bespoke Treatment Plan

We believe that each of us are unique with individual features and characteristics that make us all different when seeking aesthetic treatments. Therefore, we feel that treatment plans should reflect all of these differences at every stage whilst also achieving your personal treatment goals. 

The consultation involves assessing all of these characteristics and your goals to enable a fully holistic and personalised treatment plan to be created just for you. Your nurse practitioner will discuss the various ways we can achieve your goals, which may include treatment options you had not been aware of or a course of different treatments to produce the best results that you seek.


We recognise that long lasting and natural results cannot always be achieved through singular treatments using isolated treatment approaches. As the medical professional Penny feels she is in the best position to draw on knowledge and expertise to provide a treatment plan that will truly achieve the results you desire. A range of budgets can be accommodated for and a treatment plan timeline for when you can expect results will be discussed. 

Penny is committed to achieving natural and realistic outcomes from treatment, so she will happily advise when she feels it is appropriate to treat you, or not. If she cannot provide the treatment that she feels would be most beneficial for your goals she will also advise on this. 

Step 3 - Treatments & Follow Up

Step 3 - Treatments & Follow Up

So you've had a consultation, discussed various treatment plans that will help you achieve the results you seek, have had time to consider your options and have decided to book in your treatments. You're on your way to achieving your aesthetic goals!


All of your treatments will always be with Penny to ensure continuity in your journey with us. As a surgical nurse, Penny is proficient in needle/sharps handling  and has been complimented on her painless delivery of injections. She will ensure you are made to feel comfortable during treatments that some may find daunting and is able to ensure your safety throughout. Numbing cream can be applied in certain procedures if deemed appropriate and this can be discussed. 

All treatments are carried out according to surgical clean technique endorsed by medical professionals to reduce chances of post-treatment infections or complications. An in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology is crucial to delivering successful outcomes from treatment, which is why we believe only medical professionals such as nurses should be given responsibility in delivering your needle-based aesthetic treatments. 

2 week follow ups after treatment are encouraged (can be done via phonecall) - this will allow a discussion of whether you feel your treatment goals were met and for feedback to be listened to regarding any stage of your plan.


You are encouraged to contact Penny at any stage with any questions or concerns and will be given an out of hours number to contact her on at any time. If your treatment plan involves multiple methods the need for each of these will be re-evaluated throughout to make sure they still match your goals. I.e. You won't be expected to have those anti-wrinkle injections if skin boosters end up resolving your aesthetic concerns first!

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