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Our Philosophy

We wanted our services to reflect the various needs of our different types of clients in order to help deliver individual & appropriate treatment plans. With this in mind we decided on Thrive & Revive Aesthetics as a company name as we feel it reflects the 2 main motivations people have when seeking aesthetic treatments


means 'to develop well' or flourish and we feel this reflects younger clients in their 20's and 30's that generally wish to enhance features of beauty when seeking aesthetic treatments

means 'to provide with new energy or life' and we feel this reflects the motivations of older clients who seek a more rejuvenated and refreshed appearance from aesthetic treatments


Drug and Syringe
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Our Mission

To deliver an aesthetics service that is truly holistic and values the whole person, not just aspects of them.

To make an evidence-based medical approach to aesthetics accessible and understandable for all.


Provide an informed service so clients understand the science behind their treatment plans.


Produce outcomes that are long-lasting and lead to increased positive self-image.

Our Values

Value Diversity & Difference

Appreciate every individual's unique characteristics and goals from the outset


Enable individuals to make informed decisions about their treatments


commitment to promote well-being and help individuals feel great about themselves

Guided by professional nursing code of conduct  and the code of ethics in counselling

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southampton aesthetics

Michelle, Southampton

Penny was honest and truthful during the consultation. I'm glad I took her advice, it worked and I'm feeling good about myself. Thank you Penny!

southampton aesthetics

Amilie, Oxford

Penny made me feel completely at ease during my treatment and I felt she really listened to what I was looking to achieve.

southampton aesthetics

Hannah, Southampton

I came to Penny because she is a registered nurse and is really calm and empathetic.


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