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deso fat dissolving


Deso is the brand name for a fat dissolving agent used to target localised areas of stubborn fat such as in double chins, bingo wings and saddlebags.

There are 2 versions of Deso - Desoface & Desobody, which contain different concentrations to be used for submental fat (double chin)  or other areas of the body, where diet and exercise alone do not work.

Both solutions contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which we produce in our guts when we eat, to help break down and permanently destroy fat cells in a process called lipolysis. The broken down fat cells are then removed by our lymphatic (drainage) system over a period of weeks.


Deso is considered the second generation of fat dissolving product, compared to Aqualyx, as the solution contains compounds that additionally improve skin firmness/tightness as well as reducing fat.

Deso is also known to result in much less swelling following treatment and requires less sessions to achieve results compared to Aqualyx.

Deso is administered with a cannula (a long blunt needle that threads of product are placed with) whereas Aqualyx  involves small desposits of product using multiple needle injections. Due to this it is thought a better overall spread of product occurs with Deso that improves results.

deso chin fat dissolving
Drug and Syringe


Desoface and Desobody are administered with a cannula. This involves less injection points compared to Aqualyx as 1 injection point can allow up to 5 'threads' (lines of solution) to be deposited into required areas to cover a larger area more easily. 

Most submental fat areas (double chin) require only 1 injection point for treatment compared to Aqualyx, which requires at least 12 separate injection points.

Each treatment will work on one layer of fat cells so multiple sessions are recommended for best results with a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments.


Prices vary according to the size of the area being treated and the number of treatments required but single sessions for a small area (e.g. double chin) start from £100.

On average, for best results, a base package of 3 treatments is usually recommended and additional sessions can be arranged as treatment progresses. For this reason we offer fat dissolving packages in groups of 3 sessions where you can save up to £100 on treatments.

British Pound Notes
deso tummy fat dissolving


Any injectable aesthetic treatment should be carried out by a trained aesthetics practitioner - currently in the UK this does not require someone to be from a medical background, such as a nurse or doctor.


BE SURE TO CHECK the training qualifications and background of your practitioner beforehand as they may not be equipped to handle complications or emergencies should they arise.  

Deso should be carried out by practitioners who have good experience using a cannula as this technique differs to standard injection technique with a needle.


You should always receive a thorough consultation from the practitioner performing your treatment prior to any fat dissolving being agreed to and consented for. Consent should include being made aware of the side effects, risks and potential complications of undergoing treatment.

Topical numbing cream is not usually required as few injection points are required, but this can be provided on request for those who are more needle-phobic or anxious.

Lidocaine (an anaesthetic agent) is mixed with the Deso solution to help numb the area being treated and effects can last up to an hour.

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double chin fat dissolving southampton


Treated areas can feel warm (like sunburn) for a few hours after treatment and the area(s) can feel warm.


Swelling is to be expected! You need to allow at least 2 weeks for swelling to resolve in treated area(s). 

Bruising can also occur but you may use arnica tablets or cream to aid healing.

Lumps and bumps can occur in the initial 2-4 week healing process and should resolve by itself.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! This helps your lymphatic system drain the waste product away and facilitates better results.

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