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Remove dirt and debris while giving the skin an extra boost of hydration. This toner helps keep the skin refreshed and balanced while offering antioxidant protection. Suitable for daily use on all skin types and conditions.


Top Tip

Use me as an additional step after cleansing for an added hydration and exfoliation boost for the skin!


7 fl oz/ 206.5ml

Hydrating Toner

  • Apple Fruit Extract - an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and antioxidant. It's carbohydrate content makes it hygroscopic, allowing it to absorb moisture from the air and therefore increase moisture content in the skin and reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • Watermelon Fruit Extract, Apple Fruit Extract and Lentil Fruit Extract - this blend provides free radical antioxidant abilities, moisture retention and supports the skin's natural moisture complex
  • Jania Rubens Extract - a marine red seaweed with powerful antioxidant capabilities
  • Evening Primrose Oil - a powerful hydrating ingredient that is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and gamma linoleic acid (GLA)
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