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COVID-19 Guidelines

With easing of restrictions regarding COVID-19 measures please be aware that certain measures will remain in place to ensure yours and others safety when having face-to-face consultations and treatments with us. We appreciate your patience and co-operation at this time to comply with government guidance. 

Treatments & COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance

  • Soft Tissue/Dermal Fillers - Following guidance by the JCCP on soft tissue filler treatment and COVID-19 vaccinations we ask that you do not undergo soft tissue filler procedures within 2 weeks of your planned vaccination date or within 3 weeks having received it. This is due to a small increased risk of swelling and inflammatory reactions, which will be discussed at consultation and before booking any filler treatment. 

  • Other Aesthetic Treatments - There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination or infection has a detrimental effect on other aesthetic procedures, including botulinum toxin. However, as patients may become unwell and experience flu-like symptoms following vaccination, we recommend avoiding treatments for 1 week post vaccine.

  • COVID Booster Vaccines All booster vaccinations will be treated the same as initial COVID vaccinations and treatments will be subject to the same restrictions. 

  • Face masks are no longer compulsory when visiting salon premises but your practitioner will continue to wear a face mask during treatments and during consultations (upon request).

  • You may wear a face mask at your discretion during appointments but your practitioner may ask you to remove this in order to conduct a thorough assessment during your appointment but this will be kept to a minimum, where possible. 

  • To reduce the amount of time spent in premises and contact with others please try to arrive on time and refrain from arriving more than 10 minutes before your appointment. 

  • Appointments must be kept within their allocated times to ensure enough time between clients to clean equipment and surfaces thoroughly. If you are late for an appointment you may be asked to return another time. 

  • DO NOT ATTEND if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 up to 48 hours prior to any booked appointment. Contact us as soon as you feel this is the case and we will do out best to rearrange an appointment quickly for you.

  • It is no longer compulsory for anyone to self-isolate if someone in their household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19. You may still attend your appointment if you are not experiencing any symptoms yourself. 

COVID-19 Guidance For Consultations & Treatments 

Last updated 21/11/2022

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