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Introducing Neauvia

Beauty Backed By SCIENCE

A premium organic filler range that has started a red wave movement globally in the aesthetics market and is now available at Thrive & Revive Aesthetics.

Continue reading to discover why this filler is taking the world by storm...

What Makes Neauvia Unique?

PEG Crosslinking Technology

Novel to the Neauvia Brand

Other fillers on the market are crosslinked with BDDE, which can cause increased inflammatory responses from filler treatment.

Neauvia's PEG crosslinking means there are significantly fewer complications from treatment, such as delayed onset nodules, which can appear months after treatment. 


What Makes Neauvia Better?


Why PEG Crosslinking?

Longer Lasting Results

Less Product Needed

Better Integration With Tissues

Less Swelling After Treatment

Fewer Long-Term Complications

What Does Neauvia Have To Offer?


  • A COLLAGEN-STIMULATING FILLER that delivers better results over time.

        - Collagen is what keeps our skin from              sagging and gives a plump and                          youthful look.


  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN clinical results of increased collagen production over a 12 month period. 

         - Calcium hydroxyapatite molecules in               the filler stimulate fibroblasts in our                 skin to produce collagen as the filler is             broken down by the body

  • Forms part of the NEAUVIA 3-LAYER LIFT Technique 

  • Suitable for use in multiple areas of the face as well as hands.

Want To See What Neauvia Can Do For YOU?

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